Sunday, June 10, 2007

About Me

Welcome! I'm Rachel Keslensky, and I write Blog of Last Resort, a blog about making webcomics successful, from gathering audiences and finding new tools to widen your reach to making money off your hard labor.

I created the science-fiction webcomic Last Resort (Think Running Man done in the distant future, with a little Disney magic in the mix) and have drawn it for about a year so far, though the story's been in my head at least twice as long.

The blog has several functions, almost all of which should serve as a way to help other bloggers (particularly those that like drawing pretty pictures):
I can be reached a number of ways, depending on how you plan on getting a hold of me: the easiest is to email me at in order to get my ear best. I'm also using plenty of nifty social sites that you can friend me on:
Other than that, consider using the Skribit widget on the sidebar to suggest new article topics, or hanging out in the Last Resort forums to comment on the comic or otherwise suggest something interesting for it.

And if you really like the blog? Subscribe to it!

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At August 30, 2008 at 6:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jig! What's up, oh yeah srry- Uhmm! It's me Howl from FWA, you and your bf roomed with me and Grunge. I pretty sure it's you, if I somehow got this wrong... run awaY? Hey, send me an email- -and let me know what's up.


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