Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Always Have Giveaway Material

I don't care if it's buttons, pamphlets, business cards, whatever. Have a sample of your work and make sure you have it on hand when you're out in public.

This goes right in hand with having your sketchbook nearby. Public events (you know what we mean, right? We're talking cookouts, parades, general occasions where you're expected to at least say 'hello') are great times to try and expand your stuff and reach out to people you might never have picked up otherwise.

I just came back from watching some fireworks, and fortunately had brought some of the Four-by-Four pamphlets from MomoCon: even managed to give a few out. They're as ideal as a sample gets, though I was a little embarrassed they only had my DeviantArt URL on 'em instead of the new site's URL.

Still, in a situation where you get to talk to the artist, this isn't a big problem. Consider it incentive to strike up more conversation.

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