Sunday, June 17, 2007

Page 24: Yes, we have a pink... blonde... princess. Oh Dear.

As more and more of the pages go up one at a time (and I consequently get further ahead in the story), it becomes harder to love certain pages for one sort of experimentation done in them or another. This is one of those pages where I sorta feel I overdid the background shading, because it looks like we're watching a game of Super Paper Last Resort. I will admit I'm pretty damn proud of Nathan's fishnet gloves though. Those were a real feat to pull off.

Wanting to criticize my earlier comics is probably just an inevitable consequence of keeping the backlog, and while I know I'm saving myself work down the road, it's also difficult to keep holding the other work back and only leaking bits and pieces of it, through some of the ads I've been making for the site and otherwise.

Sooner or later I'll figure out an awesome use for them. For now, I art.

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