Saturday, July 7, 2007

Page 27: Oh, the Irony in this Page.

The irony, of course, is in (temporarily) letting my Dad handle updates.

Okay, in fairness, as much as I represent myself through Jigsaw as a 'fursona' or avatar or whatever the hip new word is, Cypress is the one modeled off me more in terms of my personality. That said, I sorta see the relationship between Cypress and Vince as being two parts what I'm like with my Dad, and one part what the McMahons must feel like.

That sums up this current storyline, and next week I'll need to entrust my Dad with the next part... which we can only hope goes up without a hitch. No, he won't be updating the blog, but seeing how I'm having to dumb down the update process for him as is, that may be a minor blessing. Attempting to teach him went something like this:
"Okay, so we open these php files in notepad -- you'll need to tell the file viewer to show you 'all files', 'cause it treats php files weird for some reason -- and edit here, here, and here, and then you open winSCP, go to this directory-."

"... can you just put some premade files in a special directory so I can just go to that week and upload it instead?"
. . . I know my Dad's supersmart and everything, but really, when it comes to interfaces, you guys are spoiled rotten. Spoiled, I tell you.

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