Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Updates: The Last Resort Twitter Feed, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and FWA

Twitter: The Last Resort feed has a new name! If you're not familiar with Twitter, it allows you to post and receive tiny messages (140 characters or less), and you can set it up to work through facebook, RSS, your cell phone, and instant messenger.

What it basically means is that if you're already in a situation where you're using one of those constantly anyway, it's not much more effort to go and pick up Twitter, especially if you're already on the facebook group.

Anime Weekend Atlanta: This upcoming weekend! If you can make it, I'll try to spot you. Unfortunately I'm still in 'wandering exhibit' mode because I couldn't secure a table, so if you're planning to find me, contact me somehow (reply to this post, email, something to that effect) so I can give you a better idea of where I am.

Furry Weekend Atlanta: Almost six months away, but securing a table here is infinitely trickier because there's two options here to get a table: pay $80 to secure a dealer's table, or try to do it for free and hope to get one of the tables at the same time as everyone else. This would be my first time there, so I'm not sure how fierce competition is at FWA for these tables.

If you've been to FWA previously and have any advice on how to handle working a table there, I could use the advice.


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