Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pages 28-30: Setting the Stage

It's called foreshadowing. Learn it well, it's one of my few applications of it so far, or at least one with a quick turnaround.

Since this is my first post upon returning from the Canada trip, it's worth mentioning the following:

This next storyline, featuring the first (televised) episode of Last Resort, is also the first one that's been outlined into a relatively neat/tidy package. Safe to say, the first couple of pages that are not only our first true glimpses into galactic life away from Last Resort Station are not just filler, and there's method to this madness yet. How much of it makes sense is going to vary based on how far you think I've thought this all though.

The simplest explanation for what I'm doing is that Cypher, Slider, Sudoku and Meridian are more than just throwaway characters, and it certainly won't be the last time they're seen. same goes for one-eared Xanatos back there.


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