Sunday, October 14, 2007

Top 10 Ways Morning Coffee Changes how you Read Webcomics

Yes, I've already mentioned Morning Coffee several times, but this thing really is a handy little gadget that I use daily, and I find it to be one of the best FireFox extensions out there next to ChatZilla and ForecastFox. It doesn't take much effort at all to install and use, and once you do, you'll really appreciate what it does for you.
  1. It's FireFox Exclusive! If you don't have Firefox already, get it. I'm serious. It's free, it's uber-customizable, and if you're still browsing with Internet Explorer in this day and age, you may as well be bent over like goatse.
  2. One-Click Browsing. Every day, all I have to do to read dozens of webcomics is click that little coffee cup, and they all load in their own separate tabs, loading in the background while I wait to see whose server responds first. You may already have aggregates or bookmark folders (or even!), but when a single tap does it all for you, why bother?
  3. Browse By Day. As long as you tell it which days to look at a certain comic, it will being up the day's listed comics. No more stress trying to remember what day it is and which comics need checking; it's already there.
  4. Loading While You Read. If one comic takes longer than the others, you read the others while waiting for the last one to load. Certainly less stressful than waiting for each page to load individually, and when we're talking large images (my own pages range from 150-200k each), this can be a big sticking point.
  5. Find Out Which Comics Respect their Readers. Yes, maintaining a schedule is tough, but unless the artist is just starting out in comics, they should know by now what pace they can keep. If you keep visiting a page on the schedule it claims to keep and they don't, then you can either push their update check back a day, or you can drop the page if the schedule is truly erratic. It may be harsh, but if the artist assumes that the fans who truly care will check his page obsessively anyway...
  6. Easier to Remember to Read New Comics! Found a great little site you're on the fence about? Set Morning Coffee to make you check it when it updates, and now you have several chances to read more of the comic as it progresses to decide if you really like it. If you hate it, you can always just remove it from your lists later.
  7. Works at any browser speed! Yes, it's trying to load everything at once, which can be slow. But waiting once beats having to do it dozens of times for several sites each, and even if all that time spent waiting is enough time to make a sandwich, at least it's time you spent some other way than just sitting in front of the computer waiting.
  8. Really Appreciate Little Domain Icons! Lots of Comic sites use 'em because they're cute, creative little details, but they really stand out when you've got 'em all in a row.
  9. Waste Less (Loading) Time! This gadget really is a timesaver when you realize that it's already done the major legwork for you. That leaves more time for your own work (or even just wasting more time in each comic's forums!)
  10. You can check 'em all at Midnight! Granted, not every site updates exactly at midnight, but for the ones that do, you can appreciate 'em properly. ;)
Why should reading comics be any tougher than it has to? People want you to read their comics, you want to read comics, and this makes it so you read them as quickly and easily as possible, with the least amount of effort.

Start using it!

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