Monday, January 7, 2008

The ONE Resolution Every Webcomic Creator Needs to Keep in 2008

Resolutions are tough. We know it. We all swear we're gonna lose the weight or clean up the workspace or tell that pesky guy off, but there is ONE resolution that anyone who makes webcomics needs to go ahead and keep.
  1. Get Involved in the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards! Nominations are open now, Voting is open just a few weeks later. The only way to participate is to make a comic, so even if you're doing jack squat in terms of publicity, you can still make an impact.
That's it. Seriously. It couldn't be much simpler:
  1. Register. Tell them enough about your webcomic so they know you qualify. Just a URL and something to prove that you're active is enough.
  2. Nominate. Nominations are open now (as of January 4) and close January 23. Nominate as few or as many (up to 3 per category) comics as you like.
  3. Vote. Once nominations close and the top nominees are announced, start voting from February 8 to February 22. Winners will be announced March 8.
If you're looking for exposure and don't mind doing a little more drawing than normal, consider drawing a category for the online ceremony. There's plenty to go around, and a well-placed category presentation or win could do wonders for your comic.

And for those wondering: Yes, Last Resort qualifies for the "Outstanding Newcomer" category. If you know what I mean.

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