Thursday, November 1, 2007

Apparently Google loves a Good Blog as much as the rest of us.

Yes, I watch my statistics obsessively sometimes. When Google starts finding the crazy things people type into search engines and find me by, I can't help but chuckle a little (and wonder which ones are worth the second thought)

A list of search terms people apparently used, in no particular order or significance besides the hell of it:
  • Full of Win. I knew my obsessiveness about buffers had to come back sooner or later, though I wonder what the people who found this page thought they were after.
  • Wikipedia Notability. Well, since I had been fighting like hell to get the Wikinews article published in the first place, I'm glad some of my karma came back to me. (In case anyone was wondering who "Jigsaw" is in the comments . . . Great disguise, I know :-p)
  • Kid Friendly Vampires. Okay, I know my article on Schlock Mercenary and Family-Friendly comics in general gets a little more press than the others, but this one threw me for a loop. Although I suppose a fuzzy, tiny vampire would have some kid's appeal.
  • Drawing Tips on Pin Ups. This and several variants (including apparently "Sexy how to use restraints") has been getting search engine life for a while now. Probably a sign I should do another article on that.
  • How to Make your Webcomic a Success, and variants thereof. Lots of variants. Tip #1, apparently, is looking like you have a clue.
All things considered... I should really put more energy into this blog than I currently do. Search still works, at least a little.

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