Wednesday, January 9, 2008

8 Things I want to do with Last Resort in 2008

So I'm a few days late with the resolutions. All the better to put some thought into it and have half a chance of keeping them by doing so, right?

In no particular order:
  1. Conventions. In a roundabout way, THIS is what I started working on a webcomic for. Of course, this costs money (especially for bigger ones), not to mention travel, potential lodging issues, and everything else...
  2. Commissions. It's an easy one-shot piece of artwork, and taking a few gives me a chance to gauge how well I'm doing overall.
  3. Personalized Stuff. Well, "Personal Commissions", at any rate. Don't worry, y'all still get a chance to see 'em, but it seems silly to call myself an artist but not have any of my art on display around me the way I do my crochet'd stuff.
  4. Merchandise. Commissions are nice, but given the choice between a piece of art I can only sell one time and a piece I can sell multiple times, I'll go for the merchandise. Of course, this involves being able to figure out what people want.
  5. Donations. This is still my biggest source of revenue, and it's one that I intend on keeping around.
  6. (Better) Ads. Project Wonderful has its moments, but there's got to be a better way to make a few cents a day. It doesn't require much effort on my part, sure, but it still feels good to see those ads paying more than a nickel or so into my account.
  7. Cast Pages. I started promising this towards the end of last year, and I want to get back to drawing them before my art style changes much more.
  8. Encyclopedia Galactica. Name pending to change, of course, but having a 'cast page' for some bits and pieces of the galaxy would be good too. At least for the parts we're willing to cover.
As always, a comment or email to help steer myself in the right direction is a good thing to have, so let me know if you have any ideas (or want to help me with a few of these things... especially if you're offering for me to do a commission, heh)

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