Saturday, May 31, 2008

Page #82, then Bad News, then Good News...

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Bad News:
Apparently my work on the comic is going to involve character design and scripting for a while, because as of writing this, my laptop refuses to boot. Fortunately, I live among one of the highest concentrations of geekery in a 700-mile radius, so hopefully this will not take long to fix. (No, I don't need donations for a new computer or anything. . . at least not until I attempt to fix this! I believe it's "just" a driver issue, but it's still going to take a little time.)

Fortunately this is the exact sort of situation keeping a buffer is for (for those who like to keep track, it'll be about eight weeks of buffer as of this update... however only about five of those weeks are not in danger of getting completely devoured by the laptop, so I'm still not a happy camper), and so it should not affect my ability to post the comic, at least until it's time to start posting bits of the convention pamphlet, which I just remembered is about a week away.

Good News: Speaking of conventions, the stars have decided to align: I should be showing up at Anthrocon June 26-29! This is an announcement I know several folk on the forums have been waiting on for the past few weeks, mostly because I wanted to finalize and secure my arrangements before I announced anything officially (Christmas teasers notwithstanding)!

Since this is the only big convention I'll be at for the next few months (Atlanta's fall conventions are freaking insane to secure a booth at -- not to mention expensive!), I'm gearing up for this one. I've already started replenishing my usual stocks for buttons and business cards (seeing how MomoCon cleaned me out of BOTH!) , along with coming up for new, interesting, and hopefully easy-to-pack merchandise to sell at Artist's Alley. I already have a few ideas for things, including dead tree versions of the convention pamphlet, but what I really want to hear about are ideas from you (especially if you'll be AT the convention!). The general criteria?
  • Something flat (or can at least be stored flat!) as I can only count on taking so much with me since the Artist's Alley is once again first come first served.
  • Something that can be made with a printer, laminator, and/or Shrinky Dinks (I've just gotten my hands on some printable materials I can use for this, which opens the door wide for jewelry and other charm-type developments!)
  • Ideally something that isn't a commission, unless I find it real easy to make. (The rationale for this is obvious -- until my laptop returns to working order, all I'm good for are sketches or drawings I've already made! I'm optimistic about my PC, but 'optimistic' does not mean 'certain'. )
Remember, don't suggest things you just think are "Good Ideas". . . suggest stuff you actually WANT! I don't make merchandise unless I can see myself using it, because quite frankly there's enough comic strips selling umpteen dozen types of t-shirts and mousepads though CafePress and you folks deserve something different!

(Also, in the unlikely but still entirely plausible event I can't sell everything I make, it's far easier to console myself with items I at least enjoy vs. sitting on a box of tent-sized t-shirts.)

Don't be shy if you can't come up with a new item. Suggest merchandise featuring your favorite characters, great panels, your favorite lines from the series . . . I still have an entire month to work on things and try to make cool stuff, so if you think you've got an awesome idea, comment and say so!

Until then, expect another book review this next week, and here's to hoping I'm not left without my drawing computer for much longer . . . I've been going crazy enough without being able to draw yesterday as is!

(EDIT: Well, I told y'all I thought it was going to be a quick enough fix... thankfully, it was! . . . One downloaded build of Knoppix and 90 minutes of futzing later. Time to get some sleep!)

(MORE EDIT: Bleh, so much for AC either. Looks like business as usual, folks.)

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