Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jigsaw's Convention Plans

Just a quick reminder that next week is in fact Momocon, and those who have oh-so-coincidental Spring Break time should consider checking out one of the most awesome conventions that you can attend for free. It's only for next Saturday and Sunday, though. I'll be somewhere in Artist's Alley, so feel free to stop by and keep an artist company.

And for those paying attention to the Twitter feed; there's another convention after this, and it's not what you'd expect; Outerz0ne is right on Momocon's heels, and the con head talked me into spending some time behind a table there as well! It's a security conference, so it's not the usual audience, but it wasn't like I didn't have plans to head there with a few of my friends anyway...

... although it helps that I'll pretty much be the entire Artist's Alley for that one. Really, how was I about to turn that down?

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At March 12, 2008 at 7:22 AM , Blogger JK said...

Looking forward to visiting with you at MomoCon. I'm planning to be there on Sunday. I'm curious about the OuterzOne convention. So I'll have to talk to you more about it. Also, check and see if they will have any Sherlock Hound stuff at MomoCon that's one of my favorite Anime.


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