Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bloglines - RSS that's Actually Useful

On any given day I can be jumping between one of four different computers, and when you're doing that, RSS feed systems tied to any one computer's browser can seem downright antiquated. And yet I still wanted to use RSS - something which so many freaking articles have been written about how useful it is that I sort of felt stupid (and a little hypocritical) for not hopping onto a few feeds myself.

Since I seemed to do just about everything else online, it made sense to try and find an online RSS reader. Nothing complex, just a way to follow what I want to follow without having to have a special Firefox extension or something equally inconvenient.

Enter Bloglines. The simplest way to put it is that it just works; input the account info, find the feeds you want, and add them. It keeps up with which posts you've already read, so you always come back to new data (if there's any to begin with). The more sites you follow, the easier it is, and the faster you can just go and get what you're after. Less time spent hunting for blogs means more time to get back to work.

And hey, it makes following my blog (and everyone else's) that much easier, right?

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