Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Art of Last Resort - Adharia Kuvoe

Yay, more pretty sketches! or at least ones that clean up well after the fact, at any rate -- whatever poor sack stumbles upon my sketchbook in the future will see a bunch of doodles all overlapping each other. It's enough to make a girl invest in a reporter-style notebook, if only so I'm forced to give each picture some breathing room.

This one is an attempt at Adharia -- Those who keep up with me know I'm still several months ahead of myself, so art evolution is rampant. Add on the new art / anatomy books I picked up for my birthday and we're talking legendary levels of artistic dissonance. Heck, it might even get to the point where I'm driven to redo the banner image for the blog.

But for now, you get another product of what happens when teachers don't let me take a laptop to class.

... Don't worry, I'm still paying attention. I swear.

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