Saturday, January 19, 2008

Four New Cast Pages for Last Resort!

I told you all I wanted to do cast pages, and look, we have a few already.

Those of you who've been reading along will notice only four of the characters involved have pages so far. Well, we have a lot more than four characters, so more and more pages should be getting released as time goes on. Fortunately, mugshots of our various criminals go much faster than comic pages, not the least of which is that "hands cuffed behind the back" thing.

This update's featured victims:
  • Daisy Archanis
  • Arikos of Nile
  • Slick Giovanni
  • Kurt 'Geisha' Striaeta
Warning: We're talking about Criminal Dossiers here, with mugshots of the characters as they are at time of arrest. Not all of the pictures (or text, for that matter) are the easiest to stomach. If you've kept up with me this long, you know the drill. Otherwise, some of these are going to be very interesting shocks for you.

Questions? Complaints? Reimbursement for eyebrows lodged in the ceiling? Feel free to say something on the forums.

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