Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally, back from PhreakNIC! (Also, the complete #104...)

Just in case nobody believed me when I said I did the shirts. :-p

Apologies for the "incompleteness" of #104... apparently the internet connection at the convention, in addition to being a source of much pwnage, was going down more than a... well, let's just say I'm happy the amount that DID get through included enough content that you were still able to enjoy it. Either way, I've fixed it and provided an intact version of #104.

(I'm also going to have to remind myself that no matter how urban the location, how connected to the internet I am, or how smart the hackers I'm with are, to either upload the page BEFORE leaving town or else finally figure out how to automate updates. It ain't worth the headache otherwise.)

As always, if you love what you see, go ahead and leave a comment on the forums or right here.

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