Saturday, November 29, 2008

#109 Posted, and Conbadge Auction Coming up This Week!

Say Hello Once Again to Your Weekly Dose of Last Resort!

Finally, some brighter colors and a little entertainment.

As always, the forums are wide open for you, so if you like it, go over there, speak up and say something about the newest comic.

And Now for Something Completely Different.

Two things have become increasingly obvious, or at least hard to ignore:
  1. If people are buying things, it's going to be right now (i.e. the "Holiday Rush").
  2. My laptop's screen just died. Well, the backlight did, anyway, but from the looks of things I need to buy a new screen for it.
The solution seems rather obvious, and since I don't feel like asking you all for more donations while my buffer is where it is, I'm offering the next best thing: Commissions!

Sometime Sunday afternoon (Nov. 30), I'll post the link to the auction(s). If you're one of the dedicated ones who check the comic early Sunday morning, you're getting a little advance notice so you can keep your eyes out for when it shows up (or at least pester someone into trying to get it for you as a gift). Details will follow, but just so you have some idea what's coming up:
  • I'm offering full-body (albeit chibi-sized) commissions
  • They'll double as conbadges
  • You'll be able to guarantee completion by December 25th! (Delivery is another issue, but hey, that's the internet for ya.)
Stay tuned; if you're not subscribed to the blog's RSS feed already, now's a great time to subscribe and make sure you don't miss this offer.

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