Sunday, November 30, 2008

Want a Commission? Auctions Are Running All Week!

CONVENTION GOERS: Get a Custom Badge that Stands Out from the Crowd!

In accordance with Seth's Holiday Shopping Guide, I'm offering you the ability to buy something handmade from someone you (hopefully) like.

This isn't limited to furries; If you've got a character on World of Warcraft, Gaia Online, Second Life, or another avatar-based system, I can draw those too! (I can do caricatures too -- so if you're really stumped for a character, I can just work off of a picture of yourself!)

Lock in a Badge with the Dutch Auction!

There are three badges available for you in the Dutch Auction -- that means up to three people can bid the same amount and secure their orders! If you're not picky about when you receive your badge or if you just want to make sure you win a badge, period, here's your best bet.

Guarantee Your Badge will be finished by December 25th with the Dedicated Auction!

If you're time-sensitive and want the badge in time to gift it for the holidays and/or before you go to that big convention, You'll want the Dedicated Badge Auction where I'm offering a single badge that will be my first priority once the auctions finish and I know who the winner is.

Both auctions will be running through to next week, so I have half a chance of getting the Dedicated Auction finished in time. Check them out and bid today!

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