Saturday, December 27, 2008

#113, and a Bonus Update On the Way!

Because we all know exposition is the best gift of all.

Don't worry, part 2 of this revelation is coming as a bonus update Wednesday (I've actually owed this one for a little while, but waited until I had my ducks back in a row...), so either check back then or make sure you're subscribed to either the blog feed or the comic feed. Either works.

And coming up soon along with that bonus update, since it'll be on New Year's Eve and all, will be my predictions for 2009. Most of the resolutions for 2008 happened, so if you've got any ideas for things I need to keep doing, need to change, or really just need to get freaking done, a comment in the blog (or some other way to get my ear) would be a good idea. I'll have some ideas regardless, but there's no reason NOT to ask...

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