Tuesday, December 30, 2008

#114, and the 2009 Last Resort Preview!

Happy (almost) New Year! Here's something to make light conversation over while you're out at whatever party you've got planned.

Speaking of conversation, let's give you a taste of what the future of Last Resort in 2009 holds in store!

The First Volume of Last Resort?

We've hit over 100 pages of comic (not including any potential bonus material!) already, so odds are good once this current episode finishes, I'm calling it a book! Of course, this depends on more things than you'd think (For starters, actually finishing the episode within the next year), on top of the efforts it'll take to actually assemble the book, so it's not a done deal yet.

More Convention Work (Hopefully!)

Well, I managed to work a few conventions in 2008, but they were all fairly localized affairs... which may not change in 2009, but given the hit-and-miss nature of the earlier appearances, the more I get out there the better they're bound to get!

And hey, doing more official artwork for conventions like I did for PhreakNIC isn't out of the question either.

New LR Merchandise!

These're still in beta, but hey, that doesn't mean I can't show them off:
In case you've not seen them before, they're window sitters, designed for MaCoPiX (Good for Windows, Mac, and Linux!) -- More details will be available whenever they're actually available, but they're cute, tiny, unobtrusive, and the closest you'll get to seeing these characters come to life for a while, I imagine.

Finishing Up The Cast Profiles!

... Or at least getting all 16 players' profiles up there.

This isn't as big a list as the 2008 version, sure, but these are some solid steps to be taking in the new year regardless... and they're not easy ones either!

See you next time!

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