Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Blog has Moved!

I've moved lastres0rt.com over to wordpress, and so the blog is going with it! You should notice the RSS feeds being redirected over to there (if you've been going through feedburner, at least) as the blog and comic are unified under one feed.

I've included a handy side-by-side of the old design and the new one, and in addition to the new backend, I've made several alterations to the overall look and feel of Last Res0rt in order to make it more accessible to new and old readers alike, as well as make it easier than ever to leave feedback and make Last Res0rt even better than before. (As a bonus, it makes it easier than ever for me to adjust and add new content to the site!)

Thanks for reading the blog; I hope the new changes suit you all. :)

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