Saturday, January 17, 2009

#117, Furry Weekend Atlanta, And Free Shipping on Conbadges!

In no particular order:
  • #117 is up!
  • I'm pausing the "bonus updates" now that I've paid off the remaining ones, since I've been hovering at about three weeks of buffer (and so any more bonuses are likely to wipe them out entirely). Besides that, my upcoming convention appearance at Furry Weekend Atlanta means I need the extra time (HA!) to work on making nice shiny things for the southerners.
  • This said, I'm including more wallpapers now as donation incentives... including this week's top panel of the arena, sans text so you can enjoy the pretty glowy cameras and the whole "I can draw in perspective!" aspect of it.
  • I'm also offering a little special something for anyone looking for a conbadge and wanting to save some coin in the process... to help cover my FWA expenses before I get there (things are much more fun when you've already broken even), I'm offering more $15 conbadges, with free shipping! The idea is that you'll either see me and pick it up at FWA, hence no need for the post office, or you won't mind that I'm holding onto it through FWA (March 20-22, 2009) in order to show off my talents and convince more people to buy badges, in which case giving you a break on the shipping's the least I could do. The offer's open until I decide I can't take any more badges. Email me or DM me on Twitter @lastres0rt to request one, and I'll walk you through the rest from there.
The forums, as always, await you. See y'all next week!

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