Sunday, March 30, 2008

The After-Convention "Time to Work Again" List

MomoCon and Outerz0ne both went exceedingly well, so I'm about where I ought to be. The nearest conventions to even worry about won't be for a while yet . . . which means it's time to get back to freaking work, or at least what semblance of work I can accomplish while I get back to my freaking schoolwork.

To give you an idea of what I have to "do" (or more precisely, what I delayed in favor of focusing on the past two conventions), here's a short list:
  • New links page with links to all those great comic folks I've been delaying linking back to (which includes Pearls of Mer, Suicide for Hire, the fellow whose name/site I can't quite remember except that he drew a caricature of me pre-haircut at the MomoCon Webcomics Forum Panel . . . and of course DMFA, heh)
  • New ads and link banners to go on that links page, as well as to replace the ads currently sitting around on Project Wonderful because quite frankly some of those have been on PW since Dragon*Con and I'd like to update what I'm doing.
  • Order new swag - MomoCon cleaned me out! While this certainly isn't a bad situation to be in, short of making lots of random merchandise I'm not going to get very far without ordering a few new things. And as long as I'm reordering stuff, that gives me time to think up new ideas...
  • Finish those two commissions - Okay, at least one of them should give me a huge boost once I finish it, but in the meantime that still means it needs to get done... and that means more work to finish before I get too far ahead of myself again. (then again, it's not like my buffer is going to last too far into the summer if I keep giving y'all bonus updates...) At least the freebies have been completed, so that much is good. :)
  • More cast pictures! I've got this great image of Quinn in my head that needs to put to paper, not to mention a few other cast photos I'm interested in drawing. Plus, if I don't get to drawing more of that soon, it's going to look like an unfinished section of the site as opposed to an in-progress one.
  • Redesigning the Blog of Last Resort. It's not bad, I just think it could be tightened significantly. This is a lower priority only because it's just improving it and not adding anything new per se, but as the saying goes, "The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it's still on the list."
  • Start considering some dead tree versions of the comic. This is another "back of the head" priority because I don't want to start getting visions of publishers in my head until I at least hit 80-100 pages on the website (which isn't going to happen until midsummer at the earliest) but at the same time I want to gauge what I need and more importantly who In want to do this. My instinct says to delay the first book or so as long as I can, but the number of folks asking if I had printed versions is making me wonder otherwise.
The list has shades of my rather haphazard list of 2008 resolutions, but unlike that list I have a better idea of what I'm after. And yes, this isn't a complete list, just the ones that stick out as stuff I ought to be working on.

This said... as far as cast pictures go, I need to decide who else deserves to have their pictures done next. Alice is a given, while Jason & White have already had their pictures completed, but not posted, but that's only three, and I'd like to update them four at a time. Any suggestions as to who the fourth player featured ought to be? Comments are always open...

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