Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Bonus Comic On The Way! (also, Another Commission Complete!)

Well, it looks like fortune's smiled again, so another Bonus Comic is due for this upcoming Wednesday!

. . . all this convention bonus stuff must be spoiling you guys. As happy as I am to get out there, have fun and keep you guys entertained as a side effect, I'm even happier I don't have any more to worry about until summer . . . especially as I have a few commissions to catch up on. Thanks to all the way-too-generous and just plain entertaining folks I've seen at the cons, and I hope you're enjoying all the fun.

Speaking of which, speculation is already rampant in the forums as to who gets picked. Feel free to place your bets (there or in this post, I'm not picky), or you can just go and stare at the pretty commission of Mischa featured in the previous post. Either one works; I think they both look pretty awesome.

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