Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pages 28-30: Setting the Stage

It's called foreshadowing. Learn it well, it's one of my few applications of it so far, or at least one with a quick turnaround.

Since this is my first post upon returning from the Canada trip, it's worth mentioning the following:

This next storyline, featuring the first (televised) episode of Last Resort, is also the first one that's been outlined into a relatively neat/tidy package. Safe to say, the first couple of pages that are not only our first true glimpses into galactic life away from Last Resort Station are not just filler, and there's method to this madness yet. How much of it makes sense is going to vary based on how far you think I've thought this all though.

The simplest explanation for what I'm doing is that Cypher, Slider, Sudoku and Meridian are more than just throwaway characters, and it certainly won't be the last time they're seen. same goes for one-eared Xanatos back there.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Have your Say in the new Facebook group!

Yup: If you use Facebook, I'm asking in the Last Resort group about which characters people want to see more of in the convention swag. Since I'll be out, I won't be able to act on the results for a while until I return.

Worst case, I ignore everybody's opinion. But at least give me one to ignore if I must.

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Page 27: Oh, the Irony in this Page.

The irony, of course, is in (temporarily) letting my Dad handle updates.

Okay, in fairness, as much as I represent myself through Jigsaw as a 'fursona' or avatar or whatever the hip new word is, Cypress is the one modeled off me more in terms of my personality. That said, I sorta see the relationship between Cypress and Vince as being two parts what I'm like with my Dad, and one part what the McMahons must feel like.

That sums up this current storyline, and next week I'll need to entrust my Dad with the next part... which we can only hope goes up without a hitch. No, he won't be updating the blog, but seeing how I'm having to dumb down the update process for him as is, that may be a minor blessing. Attempting to teach him went something like this:
"Okay, so we open these php files in notepad -- you'll need to tell the file viewer to show you 'all files', 'cause it treats php files weird for some reason -- and edit here, here, and here, and then you open winSCP, go to this directory-."

"... can you just put some premade files in a special directory so I can just go to that week and upload it instead?"
. . . I know my Dad's supersmart and everything, but really, when it comes to interfaces, you guys are spoiled rotten. Spoiled, I tell you.

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Trying out StumbleUpon

What it is: You sign up on their website, install a little browser plugin, and then trawl the internet. Rate sites up or down. If it's a site that's new to the system, you get to add a review in addition to this rating to help give people a better clue. If you get bored, Click 'Stumble' and rate whatever it is you just came across.

Why you care: 'cause it's another one of those "Web 2.0" gadgets and it's a good way to get attention for your work if other comics-minded people are checking you out.

My Attempts: Well, I'm not a fan of most 'Random Toolbar Gadgets', but I could see where this is useful. As a bonus, if you care about aesthetics, hitting Ctrl + F11 toggles the bar so you can shove it aside when you want.

There's not many comics in the system so far, so adding yours to the pot can't hurt you; as stated above, it takes a lot of people to affect a rating one way or the other, but once it's in the pot, it gets a pretty steady diet of hits.

After a few experimental clicks on Stumble ("Ooo! Jackson Pollack-style flash toy! Must Play!") It becomes clear the name of the game is to make a turing test out of the internet: You take a certain site, weigh the positive clicks against the negative, and come up with an individual profile for each user.

I've already added Last Resort into the system. Here's hoping it comes out all right.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Always Have Giveaway Material

I don't care if it's buttons, pamphlets, business cards, whatever. Have a sample of your work and make sure you have it on hand when you're out in public.

This goes right in hand with having your sketchbook nearby. Public events (you know what we mean, right? We're talking cookouts, parades, general occasions where you're expected to at least say 'hello') are great times to try and expand your stuff and reach out to people you might never have picked up otherwise.

I just came back from watching some fireworks, and fortunately had brought some of the Four-by-Four pamphlets from MomoCon: even managed to give a few out. They're as ideal as a sample gets, though I was a little embarrassed they only had my DeviantArt URL on 'em instead of the new site's URL.

Still, in a situation where you get to talk to the artist, this isn't a big problem. Consider it incentive to strike up more conversation.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Page 26: Cypress is one Crafty Croc.

Not that any of the characters really have room to be stupid when they're about to let a dozen criminals or so loose on their new holovision escapade, but Cypress doesn't look like she's about to let the apple fall too far from the tree; either Cypress is a better judge of Jigsaw's character than she has any business being, or she knows something about Jigsaw that even Damien and Nate could only dream of.

Those of you with good eyes will notice something a little off about Daisy as well; of course, those who've been clicking on her to donate won't be as shocked. Call it one of those little details that runs up there with Jigsaw's violin case.

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